Healthcare Advisory Partners is a Leading Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm that Specializes in the Healthcare Services Industry

We represent sellers and buyers of healthcare service firms, especially home health, hospice, homecare, and medical staffing companies. With over 20 years of experience providing M&A advisory to the healthcare services industry, our principals have consummated hundreds of transactions. We add value by bringing our experience, diligence, and know-how to bear on every transaction. Not only do we provide sell side and buy side representation, but we also offer valuation services, fairness opinions, and management consulting.

Current Market Conditions

The headlines have been screaming “The ACA is Dead!” “The ACA is Alive!” “M&A is Down!” “M&A is Up!” but the real news is that the market continues to evolve in ways that reward economies of scale. …and it’s not just size but strategic scale -the ability to follow the patient and assume risk based compensation- that is driving consolidation in the healthcare services industry. That means that companies of any size and any type could be attractive acquisition candidates, so long as they help the buyer to solidify their strategic positioning.

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